Monday, February 1, 2010

The IT and Marketing departments battle it out on the ice

Friday night was Pen Air FCU sponsorship night at the Pensacola Ice Flyers Hockey game at the Pensacola Civic Center. Pen Air FCU also made it a night for their employees to bring their families to the game, making our representation at 600 strong. About 20 employees worked the event, sharing information about Pen Air FCU with Ice Flyers fans and handing out free cowbells to spectators.

The IT Team
The Marketing Team
As one of the perks of being the sponsor, employees had the opportunity to get on the ice between the first and second period for a rousing round of broomball. If you were one of the 4,600 fans in attendance, you got to witness the calamity first hand! The Marketing department (black shirts) challenged the IT department (green shirts) to the match up and the game turned in to three minutes of organized chaos. The first goal was scored by the Marketing Team's Brad Larsen, but quickly answered by Scott Brown of the IT team. After a few skirmishes in front of each of the team's nets, the winning goal was scored by Marketing's Jessica Guthrie, for a 2-1 victory. The IT team has demanded a rematch.

Another perk to being the sponsor Friday night was that Pen Air FCU got to have a representative be the honorary Assistant Coach for the Game. The honor was raffled off within the company to raise money for our various charities and Pen Air FCU Board member John Cihota (center in photo) was the lucky winner. He got to sit on the bench with the Ice Flyers team and go back in the locker room between periods during the game. We'll have to discuss his coaching methods with him, though.... the Ice Flyers lost 2-1.

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