Thursday, November 3, 2011

Lions, Tigers, Banks! Oh, my!

What makes you scream, cringe, and gasp in horror?



A bad haircut?

How about a bank charging you for using your debit card? To us, that’s just plain scary. This is why Pen Air FCU has instated November 1-5 as Switch It Week! Switch to Pen Air and Ditch your bank (and their fees)! When you join Pen Air, you become a member-owner of our institution, which means that your opinion matters!

We have free checking, free debit card, free bill pay, no minimum balance, and a genuine desire to form a relationship with our members. Visit for more information.

It doesn’t stop there! When you become a Premier Relationship Reward member, you rack up points everywhere you swipe your debit card! The program is free, totally rewarding, and only requires you to have a checking and savings account, debit card, and E-statements. How easy is that!? The points you earn with your Premier membership are so easy to get and can be redeemed for travel and merchandise. You can also shop with your Pen Air Mastercard debit card on our CU Rewards Mall that links you to hundreds of online stores for maximum Premier points. Check out to learn more!

So what are you waiting for? No one likes to be charged for things that should come free. Between debit card fees, teller fees, ATM fees, monthly service fees, and paper statement fees, an account with a “big bank” could cost you a few hundred dollars every year. “Switch it” to Pen Air, and alleviate those headaches. Already a member of Pen Air? Tell your friends and family so they, too can experience the Pen Air difference.

Switch it. Switch it good.

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