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Pen Air FCU Car Buying Service, Powered by TrueCar: Understanding Price Curve

See what others paid, so you don’t overpay for your car using the Price Curve on Pen Air FCU Car Buying Service, Powered by TrueCar

No one wants to overpay for their car, but you need comparative information in order to know what is actually a good price vs. what is above market average. With Pen Air FCU Car Buying Service, Powered by TrueCar, you can actually see what others paid in your area through our in-depth Price Reports and the Price Curve. The Price Curve is powered by TrueCar, a company which is respected in the auto industry for its data and analytics, and populated by objective pricing data that shows the most up-to-date pricing information.

How do I use the Price Curve?
First, search for the new car or truck you want and adjust the options to your liking. Then, on the Price Report, look for the Price Curve symbol above the vehicle you’ve selected that says “See what others paid.” Once you click on this you’ll see the Price Report, with the Curve, for the car and the options you selected. Keep in mind that the more you’ve narrowed down the options you want, such as deciding on the trim, options, and colors, the more accurate the Price Curve will be.

For example, let’s say you’re shopping for a 2013 Honda Accord Sedan. After looking through the available options you decide to choose the EX-L trim with a four-cylinder engine, continuously variable transmission, and navigation. According to Pen Air FCU Car Buying Service, Powered by TrueCar Price Report and Curve shown on January 9, 2013 in zip code 91335, the MSRP for the 2013 Honda is $30,785, the average price paid is $29,849, and a great price would be $28,723 which you should expect to pay at one of the Program Certified Dealers. Over to the right you can see that this estimated price is actually $2,062 off MSRP. (Note at the top of the Curve you have the option to switch between Local Sales and National Sales if you want more information.)

How does the Price Curve work?
The Pen Air FCU Car Buying Service, Powered by TrueCar shows users what other people paid for the same car locally and nationally – you just need to pick the tab with the information you want. Data is pulled in from numerous respected data sources and aggregators that possess actual transaction details. This data does not include any personally identifiable information and, in many cases, is validated from multiple data sources across the different stages of the auto purchase process including financing, leasing, taxes, title, registration, and other information. The Curve can also be based on vehicle configuration data, customer and dealer incentives data, financing and loan data, vehicle registration data, and much more.

The Price Curve provides an estimated price based on the vehicle you configured online. (Keep in mind that when it is time to buy, this estimated price may change if the dealer does not have the exact vehicle in stock or you change options and features.) The information presented on the Pen Air FCU Car Buying Service, Powered by TrueCar Price Curve is adjusted to account for the fact that most or all of the recently sold vehicles in your area may include different option combinations than your specified vehicle configuration.

Basically it comes down to the fact that this is real, unbiased information you can trust.

What this means for you
This data is powerful and is the first step in finding the car you want. Once you’ve narrowed it down to a few cars you can request an estimated price and Guaranteed Savings Certificates from prescreened dealers in your area (you pick the dealers based on what’s best for you) before even going to a dealership or making a phone call. Instead of driving around from dealer to dealer, you can get all your information in advance and then can enjoy your test drive knowing you’ve already locked in your Guaranteed Savings if you decide you like the car. (Note that not all states are eligible for Guaranteed Savings, and you will see estimated savings instead.)

Plus, remember there is never any obligation to buy (even if you have taken a test drive), and there is no cost to use the service. You can review the Price Curve and related information on as many cars as you want without any charge.

Getting your Guaranteed Savings
Once you click to get certificates, you will be presented with estimated pricing from up to three Program Certified Dealers near you. To lock in your Guaranteed Savings, select the dealers with whom you would like to do business and then select “next.” Performing this step will provide you with your Guaranteed Savings Certificates as well as the dealer name, phone number, and location, along with driving directions and other important information about your Certified Dealer. (Note that not all states are eligible for Guaranteed Savings and you will see estimated savings instead.)

Your Guaranteed Savings Certificate provides an estimate based on the vehicle you configured online, including any destination or regional fees, but does not include tax, title, or registration fees, or dealer documentation, administrative, or processing fees. Keep in mind this estimated price may change if the dealer does not have the vehicle in stock, you change options and features, or you select a different vehicle. Your Guaranteed Savings is the minimum amount you will save off MSRP on any in-stock vehicle of the same year, make, model, and trim that you configured online.

The key to a hassle-free car-buying experience is reviewing the Curve, locking in your savings, printing your Guaranteed Savings Certificate, and taking it to one of our Program Certified Dealers.

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