Tuesday, July 14, 2015

How Teller Pods Improve The Experience You Have With Your Credit Union

The world we live in is fast-paced, and anything that can speed the pace of the many tasks we face on a daily basis is welcomed. This is where the implementation of teller pods for meeting the banking needs of the general public is becoming well-received in many regions of the country.

What are teller pods?

They are far different in looks when compared to the standard type teller counter setup. They are comprised of structures that stand alone and have the ability to accommodate one or two teller stations. Upon arrival at a branch, members are welcomed and escorted to a teller pod. Once there, they can take care of their matters at hand while having personal access to tellers as needed.

What are the advantages?

For the member:

One of the biggest complaints many people have with traditional banking is waiting in line to get to a teller. Teller pods create an environment of interaction immediately upon arrival. Another common criticism stems from situations where it seems several tellers are available, yet not everyone knows whether they should go to a teller or a member service section for another need. Members have often stood in a line for several minutes only to discover a different area was more equipped for their needs at the moment. Greeters ensure there's no more confusion like that.

Members feel important and appreciated. They understand they are more than a number. Traditional teller systems have always created an invisible but highly present barrier between staff and members. With the implementation of the teller pods, tellers are now positioned beside members instead of in a formal superior-subordinate setup. This creates a much more interactive and trusting experience for both staff and members.

Privacy is also an important issue for members, and the pod system does not overlook that. With the standard teller method, there are often people standing in close proximity who can overhear conversations between the tellers and members. This is personal information that members may feel uneasy about discussing where they could be overheard. With the pods used in proper layout, they establish more space between interacting members and can therefore provide much more privacy.

For the tellers:

Tellers no longer have to worry about how much cash is in their teller drawers. With the teller pods, drawers have been eliminated in lieu of cash recyclers, Not only do they improve accuracy and greatly reduce the risk of a holdup, they reduce the number of potential distractions so members can receive more complete attention from the tellers who are representing them..

Tellers won't feel as rushed or intimidated by having a long line of anxious members waiting on them. The pods give them the chance to address all of the member's needs in a more efficient manner. The entire experience reduces stress for both teller and member, and leads to improved member service.

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