Thursday, September 17, 2015

Congratulations to Washington High School!!

Congratulations to the faculty and students at Washington High School for receiving Gold level status for Florida's Positive Behavior Support project! WHS is the only school in the district to receive this honor. 

Assistant Principal, Nathan Espy, states: "Since we have started the PBS program, we have seen a positive change in our school's culture, both with our student population and within our faculty and staff population.   Students' hallway behavior during transitions has vastly improved.  Our campus trash has also drastically decreased since the implementation of PBS.  We have unified our students, faculty, and staff around the mission of creating the most positive campus environment possible.   We seek to continue to improve our PBS program in order to make our students and employees have the best experience possible on our campus. Our office discipline referrals have drastically reduced since we began PBS. This is a result of the behavioral changes we are seeing within our students."

Proactive—Preventing inappropriate behaviors by putting procedures in place, and if needed, changing the environment
Educative—Teaching students what we expect of them while on our campus (Expectations). Teaching our students the expectations for specific settings (halls, cafeteria, Atrium, etc.)
Reinforcement-based—Providing students with incentives to meet school-wide and classroom expectations
Consequences—Are still given for inappropriate behavior. We want the consequences to change the student behavior, so the student does not display the same behavior again

What does PBS look like at BTWHS?
  • ·  School-wide expectations are displayed in classrooms and throughout the school
  • ·  Students, teachers, and staff are taught the expectations and what they look like in different school environments
  •     Students, teachers, and staff are able to state the school-wide expectations
  • ·  Teachers and staff members model the school-wide expectations for the students
  • ·   Students are rewarded for following the school-wide expectations
  • ·   Implemented by all BTWHS staff
   Washington High School and the PBS program are examples of the values we have. All of us share something great here – a vibrant and important connection to our community. To keep it strong and healthy we have to take care of it, which means taking care of each other.

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