Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Reinventing Holiday Shopping Rules!

Retailers are reinventing the rules on holiday shopping. You should, too!

Follow your favorite retailer business pages on TwitterFacebookPinterestGoogle ShoppingYahoo! Local, and to find great deals and expanded price-matching opportunities, and gain some creative gift-giving ideas. 
  • Review Yelp and Foursquare resources for local retailer and product insight through consumer review. You never know when you'll stumble upon a good tip or deal! 
  • Download mobile apps from your favorite brands and keep current on the latest deals that may fit your needs. 
  • Shop with retailers who have dropped the layaway account fees charged in prior years. Those small fees can add up if you buy at a range of stores.
  •  Take advantage of loyalty shopper offers, which generally include early access to Black  Friday sales deals.
Here's something to consider: Before you start your holiday shopping, crunch the numbers on last year's expenses like; gifts, decorations and even food. This should help you determine about how much you'll need to save for next year! 

Pen Air FCU's  Christmas Club Accounts are the perfect solution to help you build up the savings you need to make your 2014 holidays happy and debt-free! Our Christmas Club Accounts allow you to save all year long and your funds become available in November each year! Visit for more information or swing by a branch near you!

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